From the medical image to the 3D printed model

I do believe that smart is the new sexy so I would like to combine in the next posts engineering with other of my hobbies like art, writing, fashion, sports… as I do in real life. Today it’s all about 3D printing, medicine and fashion!

Why 3D printing? If you read the news, recently it’s all about the cloud, machine learning, big data, the Internet Of Things… and 3D printing! And this lady here does not wanna lag behind.

Don’t worry if you never heard about 3D printing. A year ago I had a very vague idea of it myself too until my friend Joan explained it to me. Stop reading now and watch this 2 min video to learn the basics.

Got it?  Great!

So I was telling you about my friend Joan Puig Sallés who is an amazingly talented BME student from my university. A year ago, he bought a Printrbot Simple for his bedroom and assembled it himself! With it, he prints cool stuff all night and plays violin all day. So it’s a really cool guy to hang out with but probably one of worst neighbours ever.

Anyway, at that time I was doing an intership at Hospital del Mar, one of the most important hospitals in Barcelona which is located right by the see, so I had the idea of instead of printing other people’s 3D models start creating our own from medical images. Sounds cool right? Here’s an example from us.


Wanna know how we did it? Well, it’s a little bit complicated but this is a quick summary of the process we followed: as dataset we used Osirix DICOM sample image sets (you can find all types of medical images like CT or MRI to download for free in their website) Then, we segmented the images using an 3D Slicer, a free and open source software package for image analysis and scientific visualization. Once we had the 3D model from our medical images, we did some post-processing using Autodesk Meshmixer and we finally printed it!

Please don’t hesitate to comment on this post if you want more information! Probably it’s not the best workflow because we created it ourselves but I’m here to give you a helping hand in whatever I can. Here there are some more pictures about it:

But what about fashion? I’m sorry ladies but I wanna keep the posts short. I promise to tell you all about it in the next one.



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