3D Printing, Medicine and Fashion

This time for real, we will talk about fashion because it’s my graduation ceremony and I would like your opinion on the outfit. From today on, I will be officially a Biomedical Engineer!

In my last post, I forgot to mention something really really important! Joan Puig is not only one of my best friends but also my partner. Together, we have founded MedMake, an association that aims to offer 3D printing products and services for healthcare professionals. Please take a look at our amazing website!

Since when I showed the 3D printed models from last post to the hospital doctors they just loved them and started to come up with more and more ideas, Joan and I decided that it could be a great to teach them how to do it so that they could become part of the 3D printing revolution too.

This is already happening in some hospitals of the world, for instance, in May 2014, physicians and engineers at the University of Michigan requested special permission from the FDA to 3D print and implant a trachea splint in an infant suffering from tracheomalacia, a condition that causes the trachea and bronchus to collapse. This customized device ultimately saved his life, and focused a lot of media attention on medical applications of 3D printing.

While stories like this are still not a routine in today’s medical practice, there are themes from the broader 3D printing experience that point to an exciting future in medicine:

  • Highly-customized, precision products
  • Personalized medicine and training
  • Ability to print complicated materials with increasing spacial accuracy
  • Multi-material capabilities

Which are the most promising fields? This are some of my guesses.

So I’m really enjoying this enterpreneur adventure! The best thing of all? The people we get to know in this 3D printing courses: from medical students or interns to heads of department! It’s an incredible way to get to know motivated healthcare professionals from all the country and establish meaningful collaboration (more about it in the next posts).

We also got invited by Ricoh, the Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company to In(3D)dustry, a global hub event in Barcelona connecting top users with prominent manufacturers and service providers to share success stories and realize technological needs.


In this event, we had the opportunity to do some networking with the pioneers of the field and be amazed by Danit Peleg, a fashion designer whose latest collection is entirely 3D-printed. Check some of it!


I wanted to get a dress like these for my graduation ceremony but unfortunately it’s not something that you can buy at ZARA (yet)!


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