Girls in the lab

In the last post, I told you all about my enterpreneur adventure. In the future, I would like to run a succesful company so MedMake is a bit like a testing lab to learn how to face the main challenges of the business world.

However, it’s not all about the money. Another initiative in which I have also collaborated and that you may be interested in if you are still in High School is “</Girls in the lab>”.


“</Girls in the lab>” is an independent social movement whose mission is to inspire and educate girls and teens to achieve gender parity in the field of technology. Approaching them STEM disciplines in a fun way, this initiative hopes to awaken in them an interest in technology for life.

This initiative was born in February 2015 in Barcelona and they organized the second hackathon on November in collaboration with Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Joan and I volunteered  and we planned a 3D printing workshop for girls between 7-18 years old. More than 200 families attended and it was really a lot of fun!

Why I’m telling you about this? Mainly because of 2 reasons:

  1. If you are a girl that lives in the near from Barcelona, you are reading this right now and you would like to take part in it, check their website because the dates of the next hackathon are going to come up soon and inscription is necessary!
  2. The 3D printing workshop worked so well that our university hired us to organize a 3D printing course for high school girls during the summer and I’m super excited about it!!

It’s starting tomorrow so don’t miss my next post! I’ll be telling you all about it.





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