Winter is coming!

Winter is coming, ladies! Winterfell or Zürich I am dying of cold and it seems the worst is yet to come. However, I will not let anything spoil the moment because I am having such an incredible time..!

It has been a couple months since I started my masters at ETH and I am finally getting the hand of it. I have also learned a lot about Linux these last days and it is, indeed, not as difficult as it might seem although the learning curve is pretty steep at the beginning. This just means it will take you a bit longer to fall in love with your operating system.

Selecció_046(001).pngAnother big discovery has been Bastli, which I find one of the coolest places at ETH. Bastli is the electronics laboratory of AMIV (Akademische Maschinen- und Elektro-Ingenieur Verein) and it offers students free workplaces and tools to implement your own projects and ideas.

Among many other cool stuff, they have a couple of 3D printers which is great because it means that even though I am not in Barcelona anymore I can keep helping in social initiatives I love like «E-nabling the Future» or «The Hand Challenge». Actually, I am going back to Barcelona in a couple weeks because, as I told you in a previous post, I am the co-founder of Medmake, an association that offers 3D printing services and products for healthcare professionals. We have collaborated with several regional hospitals, organized 3D printing courses and taken part in a wide range of social initiatives to promote technology among girls like </Girls in the lab>. We even made it to the national TV recently! So as you ladies can guess, we are pretty excited about it.

This time the American Embassy from Madrid has invited us to the inauguration ceremony of the «American Space» in Barcelona. We will be in charge of a technical workshop for kids and teens to motivate them to go into computer science or engineering when they grow up. Awesome, right?

However, it does not end here! I came to Zürich to become a medical innovator, to find a team of people that truly believe there is nothing impossible and start working on something great. And this is precisely what I have been doing: interviewing several doctors to find real world needs, screening the needs they mentioned, brainstorming to come up with possible solutions, selecting the winner idea… and I am finally ready to begin the implementation part.

biodesign2Unfortunately, I cannot give you ladies many details about the project yet (otherwise I would be doing a public disclosure!) but I promise you all it is an amazing software project that will give me the chance to use and improve a lot my machine learning skills to help pulmonologists (i.e. doctors in respiratory medicine).

motivationIf we succeed, the idea is to patent the software and develop a b usiness model around it but we still have a long hard way to go! Innovating in the medical field is certainly not easy but there are some resources that can be very helpful (like the book «Biodesign: the process of innovating medical technologies» by Yock, Zenios, Makower et al.) and the great reward of knowing you are working to improve the quality of many lives.


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