Merry Xmas!

It is Xmas time and 2016 is almost done! When I think about it, it has been such an awesome year. My life in Zürich just started but I already have many new friends and we are all part of a great university.

I keep working on the medical project involving machine learning. Last Friday we finally manage to run the first tests and got an accuracy of 65%. Not bad but there is certainty a lot of margin for improvement. As my colleague rightly said, we should not expect to get things right first time but rather keep iterating until we finally suceed. I feel it would have been a pleasant surprise and may we even call it a xmas miracle? I can only agree with him though. Where would be the fun otherwise?

In addition, he also gave me the most amazing present ever: I was having trouble understanding harmonic oscillators so he wrote a short story in which Newton, Leibniz and Feynman explain them for me. You can read the story too. I also encourage you to visit his blog. I am pretty sure he is a future Nobel Prize in Physics so he will be telling you about the frontiers of science.

More good news: I am the 11th winner STEM Scolarship Winner of Toptal worldwide prize and I am extremly excited!! This prize is not only a major recognition but it will also provide me with some financial help and an amazing Python mentor that will make my project go full steam ahead. I have not skyped with him yet but his name is Atanas Pavlov and he has ten years of experience working in computer modeling and data analysis.

logo-stack-pythonOn the other hand, I am planning to use my scholarship money to get a new computer (of course, with Linux inside) so that I can work on data analysis properly. I also have enrolled myself in a Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp and I have bought a 3D printer so that I can  have an even wider active participation in initiatives like E-nabling the Future or The Hand Challenge. Below there are some pictures from our last workshop.

I only would like to finish wishing you the best in the year to come!







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