About me

Grüezi mitenand! This is me.


I am a hard working, enthusiastic and creative biomedical engineer. I love Barcelona and its colorful culture, to get lost in its narrow streets and breath the sea air. However, I spend most of the time abroad, working in amazing projects with a team of incredible people or coding on my own. Check my Linkedin to know more about me and then, send me a message! I am always up for new challenges.

Why did I call my blog Techie Lady? My brother says it sounds so corny… This is the point I want to make: every lady is a woman, but every woman is not a lady. A woman needs grace, poise and kindness to become a lady and due to stereotypes these are not the qualities we associate with a female engineer. However, I believe a female engineer does not have a particular image. She can look just like you! And she can be a lady and much more.